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ALERT: Netflix’s "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 Released May 18, 2018

Parents and Guardians,


Last year, when the first season of the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" was released, many students in DJUSD were negatively impacted by the show's content. School counselors and Prevention & Crisis Managers supported students as young as 5th grade who were highly distressed as a result of watching the series. While the series can provide an opportunity for discussion on important issues our youth face, the content from season one glamorized mean behaviors and inaccurately represented the responses of adults. Season 2 will most likely continue to address suicide, sexual assault, bullying, and school violence. For more resources and information about the first season, see the post about Season 1 below.  


The second season of Netflix’s “13 Reason Why” released on May 18, 2018. The mental health team in DJUSD recommend you consider the appropriateness of this series for your child, no matter their age. National experts have expressed concerns about the impact of the content on youth, especially those who could be at greater risk. Those who are coping with mental illness, suicidal ideation, bullying, or are survivors of sexual assault could be considerably more vulnerable. Netflix has responded by placing a PSA-like message at the onset of the series and providing resources for support.  There is also a feature allowing you to block your child from being able to access the series without a code. That said, you are urged to spend time reading what experts are advising in these links in order to consider what is best for your child.


Thirteen Reasons Why Toolkit for Parents

Guidance from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Some details about Season 2 to help you prepare

How to prepare for "13 Reasons Why" Season 2

Talking Points for Parents

Assisting a child who might feel suicidal

Netflix's Discussion Guide


If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to your child's School Counselor or a DJUSD Prevention & Crisis Manager at cmessmore@djusd.net or nzehnder@djusd.net. 




Your Prevention & Crisis Managers, Cara Messmore & Natalie Zehnder



Netflix's 13 Reasons Why: Information and Resources

Dear Parents and Guardians,


You may have heard that Netflix has released a series called 13 Reasons Why. The series tells the story of a teen’s relationships, cyber bullying, sexual assault, and eventual suicide. It has garnered a great deal of attention nationally and locally. Many of our students are watching and talking about it. The series is well intentioned, but also intense and, at times, disturbing.


Although it offers some insight into teen lives and provides an opening for a larger discussion around difficult topics, it is not completely accurate. It could leave some teens feeling that should a suicide occur, they are to blame; it could suggest to some that suicide is an appropriate avenue to address problems without consideration of healthier alternatives. Parents are not included in the solution; counselors do not operate by the protocols that most districts (including ours) have in place to address the experiences this teen is having.


We suggest that if you allow your teen or tween to view it, you watch it with them (either together or each on your own) and talk about it afterward. Teens are not always able to differentiate between drama and reality. Your guidance can help. Important to adults’ understanding is the fact that although positive relationships are central to teens’ experiences, we also should be attentive to the fact that bullying, suicide, and sexual assault could be parts of our children’s lives in ways we are not fully aware. All of these topics are worthy of discussion. The following resources may aid in your discussion and answer any questions you may have:


A guide to watching 13 Reasons Why:



Internet resources:

National Association of School Psychologists, www.nasponline.org

American Association of Suicidology, www.suicidology.org

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education, www.save.org

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, https://afsp.org/

Bullying, www.stopbullying.gov

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, www.rainn.org


Local resources:


Email:  SPYC@sbcglobal.net   (They will answer questions)

Davis ASK Teen Line – 530-753-0797

Davis Suicide Prevention Line – 530-756-5000

Davis School Safety Line – 530-758-7233 (SAFE)


School resources:

Please contact your site’s counselor if you have any concerns that your student is struggling emotionally. S/he can help counsel your student and locate additional resources within the school and in the greater community.

Suicide Prevention Information

If you are concerned your child or another child may hurt themselves call 911 or contact the Yolo Suicide Prevention Hotline at (530) 756-5000. Please be especially mindful of postings on social media.

Additional resources can be found at:

Suicide Prevention of Yolo County

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide


The Davis Joint Unified School District believes that the mental health and well-being of our students contributes greatly to their academic success.  There are two staff members, Cara Messmore and Natalie Zehnder, who work as Prevention & Crisis Managers.  


Prevention & Crisis services impacts all school sites and students through staff development, general guidance curriculum, and policies related to mental health.  Intensive intervention through direct student/family contact and staff consultation is also available for high risk situations and behavior such as suicidal ideation, self-injury, child abuse and neglect, and substance abuse.

Prevention & Crisis Managers are also trained Parent Project facilitators and in partnership with the Davis Police Department, they offer this ten week intensive parenting course for strong-willed teens.  Courses are usually taught two times per school year.

DJUSD is also proud to offer "Teen Intervene," a 3-4 session brief individual counseling program for adolescents with mild to moderate substance abuse problems.  Teen Intervene is a research, evidence based drug and alcohol counseling program that integrates stages of change, motivational interviewing, and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.  At least one school based mental health professional is trained at every secondary site.  Contact Ms. Zehnder if you are interested in learning more about Teen Intervene or Parent Project.

The topics and resources listed here are focused on local services, when available, and articles designed to offer support and guidance for parents, caregivers and educators.

Check out our Wellness Resources for 24/7 counseling, suicide prevention and crisis intervention services. 

Cara Messmore, Prevention & Crisis Manager (530) 757-5300 x182

Natalie Zehnder, Prevention & Crisis Manager (530) 757-5400 x133


Yolo Welltopia

Welltopia is a place where you can connect directly to credible resources that empower healthy personal, family, and community development. Find your way to whole-hearted living and wellness. mywelltopia.com/yolo/about-us/

Prevention & Crisis Locker

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