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In-district Certificated Employment

Employment Opportunities - Teaching Positions

Thank you for your interest in the Davis Joint Unified School District. The district uses an online application process available at EDJOIN.ORG.  We do not accept paper applications, with the exception  of Summer School positions and In-District Only positions.

Click HERE to view current DJUSD employment opportunities on EDJOIN.



(Salaries shown based on 1.0 FTE — salary schedules available here)

All teacher positions require:  Appropriate certification with CLAD or BCLAD or equivalent.  
Must be able to meet highly qualified criteria under NCLB act.

Positions will be first advertised “in-district only” to give current employees the opportunity to apply for the position by submitting a “Request for Transfer” form to Lori Neundorfer in the Human Resources Department no later than 4:00 p.m. on the closing date.


Coaching positions are being advertised to certificated “in-district only” employees to give them the opportunity to apply for the position.  Apply on EdJoin at www.edjoin.org (classified position) or through this website.

The Davis Joint Unified School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability.



Under direction, to plan, carry out and evaluate instructional activities, as appropriate, for students in a subject, group of subjects, or grade.


  1. Assumes responsibility for the care, discipline and instruction of pupils and for all pupils of the school outside of class hours as assigned.
  2. Teaches in accordance with the abilities and achievements of the pupils assigned in his or her    classes, and in conformance with the district philosophy, goals and objectives as expressed in the Board’s adopted courses of study.
  3. Enforces all rules governing the conduct of pupils, which may be prescribed by law, by the Board, the superintendent, or the principal.
  4. Maintains hygienic conditions and practices in the classroom as they may affect the health of the pupils and shall report promptly to the principal any accident or illness.
  5. Uses the grading system or other means of reporting pupil progress and evaluating pupil achievement that has been prescribed or approved, reports to the parents, either by personal interview or written form, as directed.
  6. Participates in the preparation and execution of the teacher evaluation agreement as adopted by the Board.
  7. Acts and speaks with the highest ethical standards of the profession in her relationships with parents, pupils and colleagues.
  8. Endeavors to grow professionally through knowing pupils, parents, and community.
  9. Cooperates in in-service education committee work, and utilizes supervisory and auxiliary services provided by the school district and the community.
  10. Endeavors to keep informed concerning new developments in the field of education and particularly in her specific field.
  11. Requisitions, cares for, and protects school property and uses efficiently school supplies and equipment.
  12. Keeps the principal informed concerning matters affecting school policies and the educational program.
  13. Attends regularly meetings called or authorized by the principal or superintendent.
  14. Keeps all records requested for educational inventory, and business accounting, and follows established attendance procedures regarding pupil absences.


  1. Credential:  Valid California Teaching Credential authorizing service for the assigned subject(s) and/or class.
  2. Education:  Bachelor’s degree, including all courses needed to meet the credential requirements.
  3. Experience:  Practice teaching and/or necessary teaching experience to meet credential requirements.
  4. Personal Qualities:  Appearance, grooming, and personality which establish a desirable example for pupils.  Ability to meet district standards for physical and mental health.  Better than average recommendations from student teaching supervisors or other professionals who have observed the personal characteristics, scholastic attainment, and classroom performance of the teacher.

Former Board Policy 4.6-1

The Davis Joint Unified School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability.

Davis Joint Unified School District, 526 B Street, Davis, CA  95616