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District LCAP Data

Davis Joint Unified School District LCAP State Evaluation Data Crosswalk

The LCAP requires districts to describe specific annual goals, then note actual progress toward those goals in annual updates. Progress must be based on identified metrics, which may be quantitative or qualitative. The state has also specified required elements for measuring progress within the eight priority areas.

The eight priority areas are listed below along with links to data sources that DJUSD is using for the varied metrics within each area. As we receive data, the links will be updated.

1 | Basic Services

  • Rate of teacher mis-assignments
  • Student access to standards-aligned instructional materials
  • Facilities in good repair

Williams Act Facilities Report

  • Click below for School Accountability Report Cards (see Teacher Assignments, Instructional Materials and Facilities) 
Birch Lane Elementary Montgomery Elementary Willett Elementary Davis Senior High School
Cesar Chavez Elementary North Davis Elementary Emerson Junior High Da Vinci High School
Fairfield Elementary Patwin Elementary Harper Junior High Martin Luther King, Jr., High School
Korematsu Elementary Pioneer Elementary Holmes Junior High Davis School for Independent Study


Common Core Implementation Activities
Professional Growth – DJUSD Staff 


2 | Student Achievement

  • Performance on standardized tests

Davis Joint Unified School District - CAASPP Results 2015

2015 CAASPP Elementary Schools Demographic Results 

2015 CAASPP ELA - EAP Results at DSHS

2015 CAASPP Math - EAP Results at DSHS

Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) – 2013 
SAT Scores 2012-13
ACT Scores 2012-13

  • Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Percent Proficient, 2009-13 (and as re-calculated in future years. The Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) will be counted as a measure of AYP and API reported to begin in 2016-2017. EL reclassification rate.)

Academic Performance Index (API) Growth and Subgroup Performance by Race / Ethnicity, 2009 to 2013
CA Department of Education - DJUSD data and demographics

  • Share of students that are college and career ready

DJUSD Graduation Rates 2011 - 2014

A-G Completion Rates 2011-14

Graduation Rates

  • Students Redesignated Fluent English Proficient

AMAO 1- Annual Proficiency Level Progress for EL Students 11_19_2015

AMAO 2- EL Students Gaining English Proficiency 11_19_2015

EL Top 3 Languages 2014-15

Title III Report (see AMAO 2)
Title III Plan – Year 4
Title III – Year 2 and Year 4 Improvement Plan


3 | Student Engagement

  • School attendance rates
  • Chronic absenteeism rates

District Indicators Report (See Chronic Absenteeism)

4 | School Climate

  • Demographics

Student Demographic Profile

Longitudinal Suspension Data

  • Student expulsion rates

District In School Suspension Data 2014-15

District Home Suspension Data 2014-15

District Expulsion Data 2014-15

Suspension, Expulsion, and Truancy Rates
Suspension and Expulsion Data - Longitudinal 2011-14

  • California Healthy Kids Survey Results

DJUSD Risk Assessment Report

CHKS Trends - 4 Indicators Table - January, 2016

Connectedness by Ethnicity - January, 2016

CHKS Trends by Cohort - January, 2016

5 | Other Student Outcomes

Physical Fitness

6 | Local Control Accountability Plan – District Actions

Local Control Accountability Plan – District Actions