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Elementary Programs

Our elementary schools are built on the strong foundation of educational excellence of our neighborhood programs.  Each school, with the exception of Cesar Chavez and Fairfield, serve a residential attendance boundary.  This provides an great opportunity for students in the same neighborhood to attend the same elementary school and build a strong sense of community and connectedness.  Find your neighborhood school here. All of our schools exceed the State Wide Academic Performance Index (API) of 800; each with its own unique character.  Each campus community includes exceptional teachers, engaged students, invested families, a school garden, and ceramic art work. Explore DJUSD elementary schools below:

ble 125px.jpg
Birch Lane

cce 125px.jpg
Caesar Chavez
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koe 125px.jpg
mme 125px.jpg
nde 125px.jpg
North Davis
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pio 125px.jpg
wil 125px.jpg

In addition to our neighborhood programs, Davis Joint Unified School District proudly provides a wide range of programs to serve the various interests of our community.  Families are encouraged to research information about our programs here on our website or by contacting our individual schools.

AIM - Alternative Instructional Model (formerly GATE)

To meet the specific needs of the identified AIM students, designated programs (grades K–12) provide alternatives that include differentiation in the regular classroom, cluster grouping, individualized plans and self-contained classes. Self-contained classes serve intellectually gifted students in the intermediate grades (4–6) at North Davis, Korematsu, Pioneer and Willett Elementary Schools; in grades 7–9 at Holmes, Harper and Emerson Junior High School, and in the tenth grade at Davis Senior High School (for English 10 only). Additional classes [including Honors and AP classes] are also open to high-achieving students at both junior high schools and at the high school. Students qualify in the areas of "intellectually gifted" as demonstrated by a test of mental aptitude/reasoning. "High achieving" students are measured by performance on tests of academic achievement and/or class performance. These categories are defined by Davis's state-approved AIM program.

Davis School for Independent Study (Español)

 Davis School for Independent Study (DSIS), established in 1991, is a WASC accredited K-12 school in the Davis Joint Unified School District   that      serves a diversity of learners.  The DSIS Elementary Home Study is designed for K-6 students, the home study program supports a home-based, parent-guided educational process with the parent recognized as the primary instructor.  The focus is to ensure quality education according to each child’s individual strengths and growth areas.  Each DSIS supervising teacher meets weekly with the home study family to monitor student progress and to provide curriculum guidance and instructional activities.  The educational program is guided by current state standards, through the use of district-adopted materials.

In addition to meeting with home study families, the supervising teachers provide a variety of workshops, field trips, and other educational and enrichment activities.  The workshops meet weekly and serve students in a multi-age format. Workshop content draws from all areas of the curriculum to enrich the home study experience, while providing opportunities for cooperative group work, and social interactions with other students. 

  Fairfield (Español)

Fairfield School is a public elementary school in the Davis Joint Unified School District.  It is not in Fairfield!  It is a two-room "country" school serving approximately 60 students in two classrooms in kindergarten through third grade.   Fairfield is a parent participation school in which each family contributes work time in various capacities. The school is located about three miles west of the Davis city limits at Roads 96 and 32 (Russell Blvd.).

In many ways, Fairfield School is just like any other school in the Davis School District. It has the same curriculum requirements, administrative regulations, textbooks, and other educational standards. However, it is also unique. The rural setting of Fairfield School provides a pleasant and peaceful environment. The small number of students creates a secure, familiar atmosphere where it is easy to get to know one another. The family work commitment keeps everyone involved in their child’s education.

Montessori (Español)

The Davis Joint Unified School District is dedicated to providing a high quality Montessori Program in a public school setting. The Montessori program is one that allows children to learn at their own pace, according to their individual needs. It is a whole child approach, focusing on the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs. With an environment that is nurturing and calm, and prepared with a wealth of appealing learning activities, the Montessori classroom provides an educational experience designed to bring out the child’s natural sense of wonder.Montessori education is available in DJUSD at Birch Lane Elementary School.


At the elementary level, fourth through sixth- grade students may choose to participate in the band or strings instrumental music program. At the secondary level, students also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of band, orchestra, and choral groups.

Programs for English Learners (EL)

To meet the varied needs of English Learners (EL) and families, the District provides programs that offer support to students acquiring English as a second language.

English-as-a-Second-Language and Primary Language Support in Spanish are offered at each school site.

Bilingual/Spanish Immersion Program serves Spanish-speaking students at César Chávez Elementary School, one of the District's Spanish immersion schools. Marguerite Montgomery Elementary houses the District's Spanish immersion program for grades K-1. Spanish-speaking students receive academic instruction in Spanish as they acquire proficiency in English. In the intermediate grades, students receive academic content in two languages. Marguerite Montgomery Elementary is also the host of the Two-way Bilingual Immersion Program.

English Learners Parent Meetings are held throughout the District to provide information and support to parents of students acquiring English.

Spanish Immersion (Español)

The DJUSD Spanish Immersion Program is an elective program open to students of different backgrounds and abilities throughout the district that serves both Spanish and English learners. In the early grades lessons are delivered primarily in Spanish. Instruction in English gradually increases as students progress through the grades.

Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (Español)

Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School is excited to offer our Two Way Bilingual Immersion Program (TWBI). TWBI offers a fantastic opportunity to students in Davis. The program provides students with a complete academic program grounded in an educational environment that supports community action and celebrates cultural diversity. Students become orally fluent and academically proficient in Spanish and English. They acquire key language skills naturally and early in life, which enriches their cognitive ability in all subjects.  Literacy in two languages broadens their academic, occupational and economic opportunities.

Click here for Spanish Language Programs in Brochure/Haga clic aquí para Programas de Idioma Español en folleto

Click here for Spanish Immersion and Two Way Bilingual Placement Process/Proceso de  Asignación a los Programas de Inmersión en Español (SI) y Doble Inmersión Bilingüe (TWBI)

Special Education Programs

Special Education is an integral part of the District’s educational offerings. Special Education provides a variety of specially designed instructional programs for pupils identified by an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) team as requiring these special services. Integrated special-day classes, resource specialist programs, speech and language therapy, and other related services are operated by Davis schools.

The Yolo County Office of Education operates additional special educational programs for students with needs beyond the scope of District programs.

Special Reading Program

At each elementary school, a Miller-Unruh Reading Teacher provides specialized services to students and classroom teachers in support of the Reading/Language Arts curriculum.

Child Care Center

A year-round child care program for three-year-old to kindergarten age children offers subsidized, developmentally appropriate curriculum under the auspices of the Child Development ...more

Parent Engagement and Community Support Programs

The Davis community strongly supports the Davis Joint Unified School District. There is considerable community involvement, as well as parent ...more

Drug Free Schools (DFS) & Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

Grades 4-6 address topics include awareness of the physical impact of smoking, chewing tobacco and substance abuse. Skills of ...more