April 1 - Clarifying Extended School Closure
Posted on 04/01/2020
schools closed with question mark Clarifying Extended School Closure 

Yesterday, school district superintendents across California received notification from State Superintendent, Tony Thurmond, regarding the possible extension of school closures beyond May 1.

It is important to note that the Superintendent Thurmond’s letter is not an official notice or directive to close schools for the remainder of the school year. We are also aware that Governor Newsom has a scheduled press conference at noon today and we will be watching to see what might come out of that message.

If our District does receive an official notice or order, DJUSD will communicate directly with our staff, families, and community through all of our means of communications including email, automated all-calls, text message, and also post to our website, and social media channels.

So, to be clear, no action has been taken by DJUSD or other Yolo County School Districts to extend the closure of schools beyond our stated date of May 1, 2020. We will continue to monitor and re-evaluate the COVID-19 situation in concert with our district partners, YCOE, Yolo County Health Department and the State of California. We will update staff and the community throughout this period with any information. Please take time to visit our www.djusd.net/coronavirus website to view all my announcements, any updates and to access relevant FAQs and resources. If you have further questions, please contact communications@djusd.net. Thanks for staying connected and for your adaptability in this rapidly evolving time.