Student Action on Climate Change
Posted on 09/13/2019
globe iconDJUSD is aware of a number of students across the District who want to take part in activities to raise awareness about climate change on Friday, September 20, 2019. DJUSD hopes to use this opportunity to increase levels of student civic responsibility and engagement, while encouraging students to express their civic engagement through peaceful assembly and constructive activities on campus. Promoting student civic and cultural engagement and awareness is a key component of the DJUSD Graduate profile.

Climate Change is an important topic and DJUSD supports on-campus, student-led activities around raising awareness on Friday, September 20.
The DJUSD Board of Education passed a Call to Climate Change Resolution in June 2019, that celebrates and promotes practices that conserve natural resources, reduce the impact of District operations on the environment, educate youth and and protect the health of students, staff, and community. (View agenda to read the resolution). Recognizing the importance of this topic, DJUSD administrators are encouraging students who are looking to take part in an off-campus Climate Strike to instead utilize on-campus space to assemble and create student-led activities around this topic.

For safety and to empower students to share their ideas and perspectives with peers, DJUSD is encouraging students to remain on campus on Friday, September 20.
On September 20, normal instruction will continue in all classrooms. If there is any planned, youth-led organized activity on a school campus around Climate Change Awareness, students who choose to participate are expected to return to class following the event. In accordance with past practice, students who leave class to voluntarily participate in events planned on campus will not be marked absent and will not be penalized for missing class time. Students who choose to leave campus will receive an unexcused absence. For safety, District and school staff will be dispatched to supervise students who leave campus, and, as necessary, coordinate with the Davis Police Department. Watch for related updates from your school and the school District prior to September 20th.

View Superintendent Bowes' message on this  topic.