Parcel Tax for Employee Compensation

Supporting High-Quality Local Education


Achieving Fiscal Stability

To be able to sustain the quality and enriching programs that we offer today for our future generation of students, DJUSD is laser-focused on our fiscal situation. To be the best DJUSD can be for our employees, our students and our families, we must achieve the goals of the District in a financially responsible, transparent and sustainable manner. Finding new and improved ways to share information about school district finances as well as the state of California public education funding is essential to increasing the fiscal literacy of the community. 

Our Board of Education’s effort to join employee groups to support Full and Fair Funding of California Public Education as well as real discussions around a proposed parcel tax for employee compensation are just two of the ways that DJUSD is working hard to stay fiscally solvent in increasingly challenging budgetary times and also close the regional compensation gap for employees.

Planning for the Future of Davis Schools teacher with student

Teachers in Davis schools are at the center of student achievement. Keeping teacher and support staff salaries competitive attracts the best educators to our schools and prevents staff from leaving for higher paying districts. Currently, limited state funding means local teachers and staff are paid less on average than those in other schools in our region.

Davis Joint Unified School District will lose 26% of teachers and 37% of support staff to retirement in the next 3 to 7 years. We must take steps to attract the highest quality teachers and staff now so that shortages do not impact the quality of education in our schools. Our school district is now looking into options to maintain local academic excellence.

Local Funding for Student Success

One option being considered by the DJUSD Board of Education is a parcel tax measure dedicated to ensuring our students are taught by the best teachers available. While details of a potential measure are still being explored, an annual rate of $198 would allow our district to meet the average pay rate for teachers and staff in our region. If passed, this measure would:

* Attract and retain high performing teachers and educational staff * Provide quality educators to support strong academic programs in reading, writing, math, arts and sciences 
* Maintain high teaching standards to continue excellent education in local public schools * Ensure students have the teaching support needed to prepare them for college and 21st-century careers