speakup logoStudents have a new way to Speak Up!

Introducing DJUSD's new student tip line called SpeakUp

The 2017-18 DJUSD Safety Task Force meetings identified the district's previous anonymous tip app as a concern in our schools and community. Beginning in the 2018-19 school year DJUSD is moving to a new digital tip line called SpeakUp.  SpeakUp is fully integrated with DJUSD student Google accounts, allowing students in junior high and high school to report from any device, at any time without downloading an app or remembering a phone number.
SpeakUp enables junior high and high school students to easily report to school administrators concerns of bullying, student safety, threats and more.

SpeakUp Highlights

See Something Say Something statement
  • 24/7 Safety Monitoring: Trained professionals evaluate content at all times (24 hours a day, every day). These professionals filter out false positives and send an email regarding non-life-threatening items to appropriate staff, and will call school officials and local law enforcement in emergency situations.
  • Prompts: Students are prompted with a link to report concerns each time they start to compose an email in their student Gmail.
  • Instant Follow-Up: Messages sent to SpeakUp result in an auto-reply, which explains how SpeakUp works. SpeakUp replies include a phone number that all students can use for text messages or phone calls.
  • Student Reminders: A monthly reminder will be sent to all students including a quick link to report concerns via their student Gmail, as well as a phone number to report via text or phone call. These reminders will tell students how to use SpeakUp and suggest specific situations that are appropriate to report.
  • Student Specific Tipline: This is a system exclusively for use by DJUSD secondary students. Parents or community members who have concerns to report to the administration should contact the school office.


This is our first year using SpeakUp.  We will evaluating its effectiveness. If you have questions or feedback on this new system, please contact your school office or send an email to communications@djusd.net.