Davis Joint Unified School District

Changing Schools for AIM-identified Students Information and Instructions for the 2019-20 school year.

1. No student currently residing within a school's attendance area shall be displaced by another student transferring from outside the attendance area (EC 35160.5). Continuing intradistrict transfer students are considered residents of the school they attend.

2. Regarding 6th grade students: Students stay with their class as it moves to junior high school. Junior High AIM Core classes anticipate AIM-identified students who are currently enrolled in AIM classrooms as sixth graders.  Feeder schools are shown below.

Feeder Elementary School  Future Junior High
 Patwin, Willett, and Chavez  Emerson Junior High
 North Davis and Birch Lane  Holmes Junior High
 Montgomery, Korematsu and Pioneer  Harper Junior High
 Willet AIM class  Holmes Junior High
 Pioneer AIM class  Harper Junior High

*Students wishing to attend a different junior high or students not currently enrolled in an AIM classroom who wish to join the AIM cohort in junior high must fill out the Intradistrict Transfer Application (due March 22, 2019).

3. AIM-identified students currently participating in AIM classrooms will be placed with first priority.
4. If the number of program transfer applicants exceeds available spaces in a requested school, a random selection process will occur. The random selection process will result in a placement list and a waiting list.
5. The District will endeavor to honor one transfer application per student per school year.
6. Applicants will be notified by mail as to whether their application has been approved or placed on a waiting list.
7. Linked is a printable version of the Intradistrict Transfer Application. If you would like a copy mailed to you please email our office at aim@djusd.net .