The Pamela Mari Da Vinci Tech Hub
at Da Vinci High School


The DJUSD Bond Program includes the construction of a new multipurpose room, science lab, P.E. locker rooms, a parking lot, and STEM Lab for Da Vinci High School. Designs and planning for these buildings will begin in the 2019-20 school year.

Current Designs

As with any project, we will have to balance expectations, program goals, and costs. View the current drawings for the project and DSA approved site plans

DVHS Project Scope of Work

The Da Vinci High School Bond Project incorporates several exciting aspects, including a newly constructed multipurpose room, a STEM lab, P.E. locker rooms, and a new science lab. Additional renovations include an expanded parking lot, front office renovations and campus landscaping. Designs and planning for these buildings have been completed and is now is the construction phase. This project is still on schedule for occupancy by Summer 2022.


In June 2018, the Board of Education approved the DJUSD Facilities Master Plan, which included minimal improvements to the Valley Oak campus. During the spring of 2019, District staff brought program history and revision proposals to the Board of Education on March 21, 2019 and April 21, 2019. On May 30, 2019, the Board reviewed (and approved) a revised Facilities Master Plan proposal and corresponding project funding options aligned to these recommendations. Part of these recommendations includes the relocation of preschool classrooms from Valley Oak campus to Korematsu Elementary (view the presentation to the Board of Education: DVCA Facilities Vision Presentation) in order to accommodate the the addition of 9th grade Da Vinci Junior High School students.  

Since May 2019, District staff has engaged with staff at Da Vinci Charter High School, Korematsu Elementary, the Special Education Preschool and Children's Center to determine needs and possible timing for the projects. The timeline presented here is a rough estimate of how the campus project is likely to unfold.

Project Status: Construction

DVHS Building

Key Information

Anticipated Project Schedule:


Construction Start Date: Spring 2020
Completion Date: Summer 2022

Project Budget: $16.4 million with CTE grant

Location: Da Vinci High School, 1400 E. 8th St., Davis, CA 95616