Getting Started with Distance Learning

Before you get started reviewing our site, it’s helpful to get an overview of what we mean by distance learning.


Beginning April 13, 2020, DJUSD launched Distance Learning for all students in response to the COVID 19 shelter-in-place requirements. The Distance Learning model is intended to provide continuity of learning for all students and ensure they are provided academic and social emotional support through the end of the 2019-20 school year. Although Distance Learning is experienced by students much differently than  face-to-face instruction, teachers have prepared materials and activities to address the unique learning needs of all of our students.  

What to Expect from our Distance Learning?

Our Distance Learning Program is designed to reconnect students with their teachers and peers, and provide continuity of academic instruction. The first week of instruction will be focused on building a positive and productive learning environment. Teachers and students will spend time establishing virtual classroom expectations, responsibilities and routines. As we become accustomed to teaching and learning in this new way, students will engage more deeply with the content, activities and materials over the next two months. 

Instructional activities will be delivered through Google Classroom, a virtual learning space where teachers can provide assignments and give feedback on student work. Many teachers will also use WebEx, a video conferencing tool to meet with their classes in real time. Over the course of each day, students will experience direct instruction (teacher recorded lessons or videos) and independent student work. Teachers will also offer Office Hours, or opportunities to ask questions and receive support in small groups.

Technology Support

Our primary Digital Tools for Distance Learning will be G-Suite (Google Docs, Drive, Classroom, etc.) and WebEx for virtual conferencing between staff and students. The Instructional Technology Department is here to help with any issues related to I can’t sign in, my sound doesn’t work, or something is not working with my device. DJUSD Staff is also available for assistance to help with issues and provide solutions to empower your digital needs.   

Norms and Expectations; Students and Families

Students are expected to follow our district and teacher expectations around behavior. While online, students are held to the same DJUSD standards of courtesy, respect, and engagement. For almost all of us, this is the first time learning in an online class and it may take a bit of time until we feel comfortable with how systems work.  Let’s agree to all be flexible and do our best to follow these norms:

Student Norms and expectations:

  • Show up for Webex online video conference instruction as much as possible and stay for the duration. If you are unable to be present, communicate with your teacher so they can help get you the information and stay connected. 
  • During instruction participate by asking and answering questions, taking notes, and  paying attention to only the instruction.
  • Wear classroom-ready clothing and assume people are looking at you.
  • Be conscious of sound for everyone’s benefit; try to join the course in a quiet place, turn on your video, mute your microphone unless you are invited to speak. 
  • Make sure that what is in the background is appropriate.
  • Please do your best to be focused and not disrupt others.
  • Do not record classes or others; if you want access to recorded lessons, you can ask your teacher.
  • If you struggle to contribute appropriately, your teacher will help moderate your participation and then follow up with you and your family if needed.
  • If you see something inappropriate happening, you can send a private chat or email your teacher.

Teachers will communicate their norms and expectations

  • Should questions come from the family or students?
  • Should students ask questions via email or some other mechanism?
  • How often will teachers be able to  respond to questions?
  • How can families access the curriculum to support their student(s)?


  • Teachers will often be recording WebEx sessions

    • They will announce the recording before recording photos/videos of students.

    • Affirm with your Principal  if you wish your student to opt out of being on video or photographed.

    • If students are on the “opt out” list, remind your   student to turn off their video during classes.

  • If you miss a class, you can request video from your teacher.

  • Video should not be recorded by students.

  • Help teachers by making sure your students have access to norms and expectations for each class and maintain appropriate behavior. 

  • Teachers will limit one-on-one meetings with students, however,these sorts of interactions can occur with a parent if needed and/or via phone or email.

Equity and Access

DJUSD is committed to providing equity and access to our diverse students in equitable and inclusive ways. We enact this mission by using inclusive and equitable practices in our distance learning and our face-to-face classes. In DJUSD, where We All Belong we want to continue to emphasize the principle that we design our classrooms, communities, teaching, and learning with these values at the forefront. Student sense of belonging and connection is more important now than ever before.

Special Education

Special Education staff will be in regular contact with the students/families they serve and they will continue to support the individual needs students on their caseloads to ensure access to the general education curriculum.  In addition, staff will work towards IEP goals, as possible, during Distance Learning.
Because IEPs goals and services are individualized and take into account the services that are available at the time of the plan’s writing, some elements of a student’s IEP may be challenging  to achieve in the current public health crisis.
The DJUSD Special Education Department will continue to review and follow guidance from state and Federal officials about Special Education in a Distance Learning setting and communicate with families as to this guidance.  
Distance Learning Professional Development prioritized the intentional use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to plan for the successful inclusion of Special Education students.  Additionally, staff has resources for the use of specified accessibility features in technology.  More details about Special Education resources and plans will be added to the Distance Learning Center.

English Learners

Instruction and support for English Learners will continue during distance learning.  Our English Learner Specialists, Para Educator staff, and teachers will be routinely available to support the individual learning and social emotional needs of all our English learners.  In addition, our English Learner staff will focus on supporting classroom instruction and making core content accessible. Much of the support that our English students need are at an individual level and very specific to their proficiency in English, which will require small group instruction and high level of support which all of our English learner staff are well trained and ready to provide.  
The DJUSD English Learner Department will continue to review and follow guidance from state and Federal officials about supporting English learners in a Distance Learning setting. We will continue to communicate with families and staff any changes to these guidelines .  
Distance Learning Professional Development prioritized the intentional use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to plan for the successful inclusion of English learners.   Additionally, staff has resources for the use of specified accessibility features in technology.  More details about Special Education resources and plans will be added to the Distance Learning Center.

 If you have specific questions please contact your child’s site English Learner Specialist.

DJUSD Distance Learning Platforms and Tools

DJUSD teachers are using Google Classroom and WebEx platforms for Distance Learning.  Please note that your child is assigning work and engaging with students through these platforms.  

Google Apps for Education Suite

Google Apps for Education Suite is the primary productivity platform used in DJUSD schools. All students beginning in TK/Kindergarten are provided with their own Google account that includes access to Google Calendar, Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Students do have  access to Gmail. During distance learning, teachers will ensure that all students are provided their Google account username and password (if they don’t already have it). WebEx has already been enabled so that teachers can invite students to live instruction, dialogue, and meetings.

If you have more than one child sharing a family device to access Google Apps, you will want to set up a process for ensuring each child logs out of Google before the next child logs on. This will help students to stay focused on their own materials and with their own tools.

We have video links and instructions on accessing Google Classroom, use of Google Suite, and use of WebEx on our Distance Learning Center.

Please note we also have norms and expectations on our website; these norms ensure the safety and success of distance learning.

Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom Logo

Google Classroom is the platform that DJUSD teachers will use to post assignments and resources for their specific class. Google Classroom also includes a calendar where assignment deadlines can be tracked. All DJUSD students have a Google account which they use to log-in. 

Your student’s email address is their first and last initials followed by their Student ID (or lunch number) with (Example: Frannie Good with an ID # of 12345 would look like this: To reset or learn your password, please call the DJUSD Instructional Technology Department at (530) 757-5300 x117 or email

Teachers are sending emails to their students at these addresses, so it will be important for students to check their DJUSD gmail accounts. These emails will contain codes for Google Classroom that teachers are in the process of setting up. Students should use these codes to join their classrooms. 

WebExWebex Logo

WebEx is the video conferencing platform that DJUSD will use across all sites. Teachers may hold video chat sessions with students to give live instruction, host discussions, and/or continue to build social-emotional connections with students. Your child’s teacher will announce the days/time for these virtual meetings and will share a link to join the session.
Students cannot host sessions.

Question: How does my child find and accept my teacher’s invitation to a WebEx?

Answer: Students can join the WebEx invites via the teacher's Google
Classroom or via a teacher email Many teachers post the WebExInvite link in their Google Classroom.

These are live classrooms and teachers are giving their attention to students.  If families want to speak with teachers, they can email directly to connect outside of instructional time.  Teachers will share with families how to best ask questions.  Please check our Norms and Expectations (view below)  for other ways to support learning in this new format.

Da Vinci Charter Academy 


DVCA will use Echo and WebEx; DVCA students will need to engage with Google Classroom to access classes taken at Emerson Junior High or Davis High School.

Davis School School for Independent Study DSIS logo

DSIS will use Schoology and WebEx; DSIS students will need to engage with Google Classroom to access classes taken on other campuses.