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On April 13th, teachers will resume teaching students using WebEx (a digital meeting platform) and Google Classroom.  Teachers will contact students and families to provide a designated time for meeting. Each teacher has worked to create a schedule that is consistent to help families plan each day.  Teachers will begin the Distance Learning experience by teaching norms for online learning platforms to students and families and how Distance Learning will work. Each teacher will provide direct instruction, share videos, give assignments, and make themselves available for smaller group support.  Attention to social-emotional well-being will be an important focus of this learning experience

Online meetings will give your child the opportunity to stay connected with the classroom teacher and peers. Teachers have been asked to share assignments with students that can be completed within the general guidelines below. We know that different families will have different time windows to complete work; if your child cannot make class, please communicate with your student’s teacher for other options.

The minutes delineated below are guidelines and will be adjusted to meet the students where they are.  Direct Instruction will be broken up in smaller chunks, mindful of screen time and student age.  Office hours are options for students to check in, get help from staff and ask questions.  All content areas, including science, math, art, physical movement, and reading/writing will be included.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our new Distance Learning plan. This is new for all of us and we will continue to learn, grow, and refine over the coming days and weeks.  

Important* DJUSD Preschool Google account not activated? Follow these steps from Instructional Technology to activate your student's Google account. 


Teachers will note attendance through your child’s daily meetings and interactions in Google Classroom with their teachers. Teachers will monitor attendance to ensure that students are engaged in their learning and to follow up with families where there are concerns. We are working to be flexible in our instruction; if your student must miss class, the sessions will be recorded or shared in another way.  We understand that we are all working to share devices, adjust to school and work at home, and we are all mindful that each family has unique circumstances to contend with.

Hard Copy Materials

Preschool  instruction will be delivered digitally through Google Classroom and WebEx.  Our youngest students, however, may benefit from some paper-to-pencil activities and those will be mailed to you.

Teachers will:

  • Check in on students and try to lower stress or anxiety about Distance Learning. 
  • Begin by teaching students how distance learning will work for preschool aged students.
  • Pay attention to and support social-emotional safety of students.
  • Give students and families flexibility to experience Distance Learning in ways that best work for them. 
  • Create conditions that are based on the principle of “highly structured with high levels of support.”  All instruction should be explicit with weekly (if not daily) learning outcomes. Students/families should always know what they are expected to do, when to do it, and how to do it.
  • Remember that with our youngest students we want to be mindful of how much time they are in front of a screen.
  • Plan for the needs of our English Learners and Special Education students.
  • Stay in touch with students. If your student isn’t showing up, teachers will reach out and see how they can make learning easier for families.
  • Mail your family supporting hard copies if needed to help students follow instruction and practice skills.