Action Teams - What Are They?

Much of our planning and instructional preparation will be accomplished through Action Teams that are helping to revise instructional structures (schedules, grading, minutes, best practices), consider reopening options (traditional, distance learning and hybrid configurations), and design professional development to support those expectations within a Learning Management System.

Our seven Action Teams are broken down into the following categories. More information and updates about each team's progress will be found on each individual Action Team's webpages.

Configuration Planning Team
The Configuration Planning Team was tasked with creating elementary and secondary schedules using the following guiding question: Based on state, county, and local guidance what will DJUSD school schedules and attendance look like in Fall 2020?
Social Emotional Learning and Wellness
This is a planning team and it led by Health and Wellness Managers Cara Messmore and Jen Mullin and the product of their work will be the supports for the consistent use of SEL practices by all staff in their interactions with students and adults. They have developed a particular focus on three signature practices in meetings and lessons including welcoming inclusion activities, transitions or brain breaks, and optimistic closures. This work is more important than ever as we enter this next school year in a “postvention climate” as student and adults have experienced various types of trauma derived from racial equity to isolation in the pandemic. Now more than ever do we need staff infusing thoughtful SEL practices into their work.
Health and Safety
This Action Team is led by Associate Superintendent for Student Support Services Laura Juanitas and is using guidance from public health officials, the county, and school nurses to develop solutions for hygiene, ventilation, disinfection, and various interventions for health and safety. A current example of this work is how we utilize space at our campuses from outdoor options to quarantine areas, and how we respond to a student or staff member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. There is much activity happening this summer as we position for equipment, protocols and policies to ensure high standards for health and safety.
Canvas (Learning Management System) Orientation and Overview
This team is led by Director of Instructional Technology Marcia Bernard and immediately following the adoption of Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS), we began the set up of the backend to get the platform ready for our instructors. There are six sub teams for this Action Team, and each of these sub teams is responsible for various components like content, communication, assessment and others. They are also developing blueprints (by grade level) that determine the types of features that support access for teachers and students and templates that define the interface and usability that are developmentally appropriate by grade level. Canvas is also enabling us to structure into our courses the ability to track and assess our Graduate Profile competencies.
Structures and Instruction (Elementary and Secondary)
This module is led by Principal team of Diana Curtaz (Korematsu Elementary) and Jean Kennedy (Holmes Junior High) and Tyler Millsap and Annie Nelson (Da Vinci Charter Academy), and they are focused on creating the structures for instructional minutes, parameters for live interactions, curriculum mapping guidance and collaboration by grade level and department. This gets to the heart of our instructional consistency in our District and where we heard many concerns from our stakeholders. This is work is a key challenge and we will continue to address it and finding ways to bring coherence through collaboration and consistency in curricular approach.
Student Engagement, Feedback and Assessment
This team is led by Scott Thomsen, Principal of Emerson Junior High and Sarah Roseen, Principal of North Davis Elementary, and they are building a module highlighting best practices for distance learning and hybrid instruction in the areas of lesson design and instruction, student engagement, assessment and feedback, and engaging video conferencing. All of this is being done through the lens of culturally relevant teaching practices and by, identifying practices and pedagogy that engage and connect with the students we serve.
Instructional Supports, Equity and Access
This team is led by Director Ricardo Perez and Director Patrick McGrew and they are primarily focused on the services for English Learners and Special Education and the stronger alignment in our work to support Special Education and English Learner programs, including ways to optimize different roles of paraeducators and support staff, strategies to develop relationships with new students, tightening alignment with designated and integrated instruction, which is part of operationalizing our English Learner Master Plan. At a high level we expect much more live time and more direct services compared to last spring.