Elementary Schedule

Elements of the Elementary schedules will include:

  • A daily whole class morning meeting facilitated by the teacher focusing on connection, community and setting a tone for learning for the day. Attendance will be taken for this class meeting. (SEL element)
  • Core academic direct instruction by classroom teachers will occur during the morning block. This is the time when students will engage directly with their teacher via video conferencing. (Instruction element) 
    • Teachers may schedule small group instruction and office hours in the afternoon in coordination with student schedules.
    • Exceptions include PM Kindergarten classes.
  • Protected time in the afternoon for support services, intervention, music/library instruction, and staff collaboration.

NOTE - If your student attends preschool or Davis School for Independent Study, please see their websites soon for schedule specifics.

picture of elementary schedule. PDF available for download below.

Download a PDF of this elementary schedule.