What You Can Do To Stop Harmful TikTok Challenges
Posted on 10/01/2021
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In September, the Devious Lick TikTok Challenge emerged with students across the nation engaging in various levels of vandalism at their school campuses. DJUSD campuses have experienced the effects of this vandalism. On October 1, the “Slap a Teacher'' Challenge launched. This challenge encourages students to slap a teacher or staff member and run away, ensuring the action is caught on camera.

As a District, we will never condone acts of violence and vandalism. Actions which damage the physical infrastructure of our campuses not only constitute a breach of public trust, but a crime with significant consequences, which include suspension and legal action. In addition, they cause a disruption to the learning environment. Any assault on District staff will carry significant consequences, which will result in home suspension, possible expulsion from the District and law enforcement involvement. We ask that all parents and guardians talk to your student/s about why engaging in these challenges is wrong, and discuss the consequences of participating in them.

Principals will be holding informational meetings with their student body to provide information, support, and resources on making positive choices.

More information about these challenges and the dangers associated with them may be found in this safety guide and below.

For your reference, below is the list of monthly TikTok challenges:

  • September: Vandalize school bathrooms
  • October: Smack a staff member
  • November: Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school
  • December: Deck the halls and show your b****
  • January: Jab a breast
  • February: Mess up school signs
  • March: Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria
  • April: “Grab some eggz” (another stealing challenge)
  • May: Ditch day
  • June: Flip off in the front office
  • July: Spray a neighbor’s fence

We appreciate your partnership as we work to keep our community and schools safe and positive places to learn and grow.