Professional Growth

The Davis Joint Unified School District encourages professional growth programs that are offered through the district office and events offered through outside agencies.  Our students benefit from staff that continue to build skills and knowledge. As a learning organization, DJUSD, offers hundreds of opportunities each year for adult learning. These opportunities are aligned with the district’s goals, including a focus on 21st Century teaching and learning, closing the achievement gap, and creating safe and inclusive environments for all students.
DJUSD professional growth is evolving to be individualized and responsive.  Professional Growth opportunities are embedded in daily work and through the leadership of collaborative staff.  The Instructional Services team, with site leaders and staff, are seeking opportunities to strengthen all learning developments.
Upon completion of any professional development course, staff should obtain a certificate, e-mail or letter of completion from the course or instructor in order to receive professional growth hours or payment compensation. Please submit documents of completion as soon as possible to [email protected]. Submission of these documents initiates compensation. Registration for any professional development course, including those through Performance Matters, does not verify attendance or completion. If you have questions or difficulty obtaining documentation, please contact Instructional Services staff.


All DJUSD staff members are encouraged to attend professional growth opportunities.

  • Anything offered on Performance Matters is an approved professional growth option for staff.  Details about the event (Including compensation, if appropriate) are with details of the event.
  • Please use our step-by-step registration instructions for help with Performance Matters.
  • Any professional growth opportunities not currently listed in Performance Matters can be requested using this form.
  • The Instructional Services team is interested in learning about professional growth opportunities and would encourage you to forward information about events to [email protected] for consideration.


The Instructional Services Department coordinates many Professional Growth events outside of contact hours.  District sponsored events will be prioritized in consideration of our annual Professional Growth Budget.  DJUSD employees may be compensated for Davis Joint Unified-approved learning that occurs outside of contract time.  Compensation for participation in events not sponsored by DJUSD and submitted as proposals on the PD form, will be considered on a case by case basis and prioritized using DJUSD Instructional Goals and budget capacity.

To be qualified for compensation, requests need to be approved prior to participation (10 days) and will be evaluated against district goals and priorities (rubric for evaluation).  Compensation may occur in the following two ways:

  • If employees wish to pay for their own registration, they may be eligible for hourly payment at their professional growth rate or credit (on the DJUSD salary scale).
  • If staff prefers, DJUSD may pay registration fees and fees incurred to participate (travel, lodging meals), in which case DJUSD would not pay hourly rates or give credits.

Professional Development Now Available on Canvas!

Register Online!
Log  in to the new Performance Matters (link below) to view and sign up for professional learning offerings!  Here are a couple of tips and tricks:

  • Login at link below with your DJUSD Google/Email Account
  • Click on COURSES along the top
  • Under COURSE SEARCH click on “Show All” to view available courses 
  • Next to any course, the little “i” symbol will give you details about times, location, etc.

Log in to Performance Matters here.

For more information or assistance, please contact Morgan Callaway at [email protected].