Step 2: Required Registration Documents

Gather all required documentation and either email them to Korlyn Gibson, District Enrollment Specialist at or place in the secure mail slot at the front door of the District Office located at 526 B Street.


DJUSD Required Registration Documents 

You must email or drop off a complete packet for each student wanting to enroll, which includes the Pre-Enrollment Confirmation document (printed and signed) along with all of the required documents listed below to complete the registration packet. You can download these documents at the bottom of this page.

A complete enrollment packet includes:

    • Submitted, Print & Signed Pre-Enrollment Form This must be submitted first, printed out and signed. The signed form will be submitted with the enrollment packet.  OR signed Returning Enrollment Form
    • Parent ID (driver’s license or passport) 
    • Proof of student age (birth certificate or passport)
    • Verification of Residence form (DJUSD form linked HERE
    • Proof of residence in Davis (Current rental/lease agreement or mortgage statement) 
    • Immunization records (current printout from doctor or clinic translated into English) We must have a complete copy of students current immunization records. If there are missing immunizations, they must be administered prior to the first day of school.
    • Home Language Survey (DJUSD form linked HERE)
    • Primary Language Survey (DJUSD form linked HERE) only if a language other than English or Spanish is spoken at home
    • Student Health & Family History Questionnaire (DJUSD form linked HERE) TK – 6th grades only
    • Health Exam Waiver (DJUSD form linked HERE) KN & 1st grades only Fill out the waiver form and check the box at the bottom stating that the physical exam is being scheduled. Put the month of when you expect the exam to take place.
    • Report of Health Exam (DJUSD form linked HERE) KN & 1st grades only The exam needs to be dated after March 1st. Once the exam is done (usually at the well baby check-up) the form will be turned into the school office.
    • Oral Health Assessment (DJUSD form linked HERE) TK – 1st grades only This will be turned into the school office once the exam has been done and isn’t due until December 31st.
    • If applicable, current copy of IEP if any special education services are received.
    • If applicable, ED506 form, Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form
    • Transcripts or current report card (7th - 12th grade)

Enrollment Forms