Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation Protocols

School-wide Measures
  • Water fountains are open but student and staff are encouraged to use hydration stations/classroom sinks to fill personal water bottles  
  • Lunches return to normal schedules and students may eat inside with doors open 
Office Measures
  • Have staff/students/visitors use hand sanitizer when entering the office 
  • Remind students to social distance while waiting to see staff
Classroom Measures
  • Keep doors and windows open during periods of high transmission
  • Door stops are installed and in working order 
  • Two portable air purifiers will be turned on when students and staff are present
  • Have students use hand sanitizer or wash hands when exiting for lunch 
Cleaning Measures
  • Routine cleaning is sufficient to remove the COVID-19 virus from surfaces
  • Clean/replace HVAC filters and portable air purifiers according to manufacture guidelines