Preview of Distance Learning

This is an unprecedented time in the world of instruction, let alone public education at large, and we are working tirelessly to develop innovative solutions. As we encounter challenges we are encountering just as many opportunities at the same time” 

- Rody Boonchouy, Associate Superintendent of Instruction, DJUSD

Phase 2: DJUSD Distance Learning Plan 

distance learning icon

Defined: Distance Learning is the teaching and learning that occurs between an instructor and student who are located in different places, which can take place through a variety of methods (including online, print, televised, etc.)

Objective: Provide a continuity of learning for all students that is teacher directed, supported, and aligned to standards.

This is the greatest challenge public education has faced in recent history. All districts across the country are working to transform systems of learning to support Distance Learning.

It requires a new way of thinking about:
  • Pedagogy and Practices- How Instruction is tailored for a virtual medium.
  • Accessibility - It is critical that resources are accessible for all students, particularly when considering students with IEPs, 504s, and English Learners. 
  • Content Tools and Resources - Web tools to deliver content - wealth of apps. (including accessibility features)
  • Infrastructure and Devices - Referring to hardware and connectivity, but importantly the choices we make for platforms, Learning Management Systems, and video conferencing solutions.

Please watch the video for a full explanation of what is to come.