Strategic Plan


DJUSD Strategic Plan Board Adopted 3.16.14 (rev 4.6.15)

Creativity and innovation inspire new learning and help drive progress. As professional learners, DJUSD wishes to push beyond the status quo. The Strategic Planning process brings DJUSD educators and the Davis community together to forward think, consider possibilities, and strategically set actions to guide our organization forward.

On February 24 and 25, 2017, Davis Joint Unified School District called together the 26-member group of administrators, teachers, parents, bargaining group members, city officials, community members and current students for a two-day strategic planning session.  The session marked the third annual update to the plan that was initially approved by the Board of Education in June 2014.  The outcomes of this gathering included reaffirmation of the District’s current beliefs, mission, objectives, strategies and parameters. 

Further, the team recommended that the Board of Education approve:

  • Strategy 1 - Professional Growth "Complete." 
  • Strategy 2 - Technology and Physical Infrastructure as "On course and continue."  
  • Strategy 3 - Assessment as "On Course and continue." 
  • Strategy 4 - Student Goals and Redefine Success as "Realign and refocus work."

In addition, the committee took initiative to recommend a new strategy (Strategy 5) to create a comprehensive human resource system aimed at recruiting and retaining a “highly-qualified” and “diverse staff”; this in the face of fiscal challenges resulting from a new state finance formula that disadvantages Davis from its neighboring districts as well as large-scale retirements and teacher shortages.