Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteers play an important and valuable role in the Davis Joint Unified School District. Students, teachers, staff, families and the community benefit from the work of individuals like you who freely share their talents and resources. We also know that as a volunteer, you, too, will be rewarded. 

This information is directed to volunteers who devote a portion of their time to one of the most important systems in any community, public schools. To help you get the most out of your experience we want to make sure you are informed. 

You Are Part Of A Team
As a school volunteer you are a role model for students. Behave toward students and staff in a respectful manner that sets an example of professionalism and good citizenship. 

What you hear/observe about students or staff while volunteering in a school is confidential. Even a seemingly harmless comment repeated to another can be misunderstood and cause harm to the school team, a family or child. If a parent asks how their child is doing, please refer them to the classroom teacher. 

Reporting Child Abuse
School volunteers are not considered mandatory reporters of suspected child neglect or abuse.  If a student discloses that they are in a dangerous situation or if you have reason to suspect neglect/abuse, please report this information immediately and privately to the school principal. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements
Currently, in order to be a parent volunteer on our school campuses, we are requiring proof of vaccine status. Only fully vaccinated volunteers will be considered for volunteer opportunities.

How to Volunteer
If you are interested in volunteering at one of our school sites, please reach out to that school directly to discuss available opportunities.

All volunteers (including carpool drivers) are required to fill out the Volunteer Vaccination Form below and provide proof of vaccination.  Proof can be provided by providing a copy of your vaccine card or a note from your physician verifying COVID-19 vaccine status.

Volunteer Vaccination Form
Per the Governor’s Health Order, all school employees and volunteers must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or agree to test weekly when volunteering.  Please complete the Volunteer Vaccination form and if vaccinated, upload a copy of your vaccine card.    

Volunteer Vaccination Form