Short Term Independent Study - Grades TK-6

For information about Short Term Independent Study for grades 7-12, please visit the Davis School for Independent Study website. For information for Da Vinci Charter Academy, please visit the Da Vinci website.

Guidelines for Short Term Independent Study (STIS)

1.  Minimum enrollment is 5 school days. Maximum enrollment is 10 consecutive school days.  A second trip of 5 days may occur during the school year.  

2. It is a student’s/parent’s responsibility to initiate the STIS Request form and give it to the classroom teacher to request assignments at least 5 teaching days before the planned absence.

3. All class work, along with the assignment sheets, must be turned into the teacher as soon as the student returns from STIS. Failure to do so may result in the student not receiving credit for assignments while out on STIS and absences being marked unexcused. 

4. STIS is limited to two weeks at a time, but for a longer trip a parent may make a request directly to the principal.  With prior principal approval, a student may be gone for an additional two weeks (total of four) with their seat being held until they return.  A student will be marked unexcused for the two weeks beyond their STIS period. 

5. Any student who does not return as committed to in advance will be disenrolled.  The student will need to re-enroll upon return, and may be overflowed to another elementary school in the district that has space.

6. The principal may request a re-entry meeting to review academic issues related to long-term absences beyond four weeks.