English Learners Support

Instruction and support for DJUSD English Learners will continue during Distance Learning.  Our English Learner Specialists, para educator staff, and teachers will be routinely available to support the individual learning and social emotional needs of all our English learners.  In addition, our English Learner staff will focus on supporting classroom instruction and making core content accessible.

English learners often have specific and individualized needs.  Our staff are trained and ready to provide support for these needs through small group or individualized instruction. 

English learners will continue to acquire English language skills in addition to progressing academically in all of their core subjects. 
If you have specific questions, please contact your child’s site English Learner Specialist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my student who is identified as an English learner be supported during Distance Learning?

Your child's EL Specialist will be in regular contact with you and your students to ensure that your child has appropriate supports and materials to access the core curriculum.

How will Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)  assessments for English learners be conducted/completed during Distance Learning?

Assessments for English learners are currently suspended.  Summative ELPAC assessments will be completed after the shelter-in-place and social distancing orders have been lifted.

How will the EL Specialist and staff work with my student?

Your student’s EL Specialist will organize small group virtual meetings with students, which may include lessons in developing English, reinforcement of  concepts taught by the teacher or pre-teach concepts that will be covered in a future “whole” class lesson. EL staff is currently working with your student’s general education teacher to find times that will not conflict with class time. EL Specialists are working with general education teachers on instructional goals, designing lesson plans and finding resources that will support all English Learners.

How often can my student expect to work with English Learner staff?

  • EL Specialist and EL Para Professionals will provide structured English instruction for students through small group and individual support that aligns with general education direct instruction weekly. 
  • EL staff will hold office hours for at least an hour each week to answer questions and support our students.
  • EL Specialists will collaborate and direct EL Para Professionals on ways to support students (including being in class with them to hear instructions and content as well as provide small group support).
  • El Specialist and EL Para Professionals will maintain ongoing contact with EL students and families to continue to support their emotional-emotional well being. 

Will my student still get help from EL Para Professionals?

  • EL Para Professionals will be assigned to review classroom assignments and lesson videos in the Google Classrooms for the core classes of the students they work with.
  • EL Para Professionals will continue to assist in progress monitoring and make contact with assigned students. 
  • EL Para Professionals will run small groups virtually and support the development of English skills through lessons co developed with EL Specialists.
  • EL Para Professionals will be in office hours to support students.

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