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Supplemental Learning at Home

Our Learning at Home webpage is where you can find supplementary learning lessons.
These materials do not replace what your child's curriculum at school, but during this time at home it is important that we do what we can to ensure our students have access to learning resources. 

Nuestra página web de Aprendizaje en el hogar es donde puede encontrar lecciones y recursos de aprendizaje complementarios para los estudiantes.
Estos materiales no reemplazan lo que su hijo ha estado aprendiendo en la escuela, pero durante este tiempo en casa es importante que hagamos todo lo posible para garantizar que nuestros estudiantes tengan acceso a los recursos de aprendizaje.

At Home Lessons & Activities 


California Department of Education
The California Department of Education provides a variety of links and resources that Support Distance Learning. These resources include articles and materials to support all students at various grade/subject levels. You can find them on the Department of Education webpage.


Additional Resources

Please note: Learning at Home is being updated regularly by our DJUSD Instructional team. To see the latest changes check out our Learning at Home Changelog.

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