AIM Program Information 

Program Information


Neighborhood Classrooms
We are committed to meeting the needs of all students in our neighborhood classes. We provide frequent professional growth opportunities to support teachers with differentiated instruction, a targeted and personalized approach to teaching, and are working to ensure there is a GATE-certified teacher at each elementary site. Teachers use frequent progress monitoring, flexible grouping, and tailor instruction based on skills, performance data, and unique needs of students identified by previous and current teachers.

AIM Classrooms
The term 'AIM classroom' refers to both self-contained and cluster classrooms.  While a self-contained classroom means all students in the class are AIM-identified, a cluster classroom is comprised of AIM-identified and non AIM-identified students.  Whether an AIM classroom is a cluster or self-contained class will depend upon student enrollment for that grade level, at that school in any given year.  The placement process is careful and deliberate, and considers each child's unique educational needs.  Each year, there are many students who will receive AIM services through differentiated instruction in classrooms throughout our school district, because they do not enroll in designated as AIM classrooms.  

2022-2023 OLSAT-8 Universal Screening

Universal Screening will take place September 28th through October 2nd 2022. 

If you are new to DJUSD and have not taken the test, we offer testing in October and in May each year. 

Please reach out to Semra Fanucchi at [email protected] to get on a make-up testing list to participate

AIM (GATE) Identification Process

Step 1: All 3rd grade students are screened universally using the OLSAT (Otis Lennon School Ability Test) in the Fall.
OLSAT scores of all 3rd graders will be reviewed and those scoring 98th percentile or higher are AIM-identified.
Step 2: AIM Assessment Team reviews all remaining students for re-screening. The following groups of students are identified for re-testing
  1. Students in the Standard Error of Measure (SOEM)
  2. Students with “Equity Factors” (English Learners, Low SES, Parent education level below college degree, students with disabilities)
Step 3: By February 1, families will be notified by the Instructional Services Department if their child’s OLSAT-8 score is in the 98th percentile or above, OR if their child will be invited for re-screening

Should you not hear from the AIM office by February 1 and would like a copy of your child’s OLSAT-8 results, please contact the AIM office at [email protected].

Step 4: Identified students are re-screened using appropriate assessment tools (CogAT, Naglieri, TONI, or Slosson
  1. Students scoring in the 98th percentile or higher are AIM-identified
Step 5: Once identified, parents are informed and given an option to opt-in to an AIM classroom at Willett or Pioneer Elementary Schools, or to remain at their current school.
  1. Information will be mailed home to families with placement options..
  2. Students who remain in "neighborhood" classrooms instead of self-contained classrooms are served through differentiation practices by classroom teacher, teacher collaboration with DJUSD Differentiation Specialist, and/or flexible grouping among grade levels for core academic subjects.