i-Ready Assessment
Posted on 10/07/2021
i-Ready logoWhat is i-Ready?
To support student learning and growth, DJUSD is administering a diagnostic formative assessment known as i-Ready to all elementary and secondary students in the fall, winter and spring. i-Ready is an online program that provides accurate data to measure student academic progress in order to help teachers better understand student strengths and areas for growth, personalize learning, and monitor progress throughout the school year. This data is not intended to label students and will not be a part of a student’s report card. It will help teachers adjust and modify instructional practices in response to student needs.

How do the i-Ready assessments work?
The i-Ready assessments are “adaptive” in design, meaning the program will adjust each question depending on whether students answer the questions correctly or incorrectly. This allows the program to assess strengths and what a student has not yet learned. Students are encouraged to try their best while taking the assessments, and they should know that even incorrect answers will help their teachers know more accurately what they still need to learn.

How can parents and guardians access results?
Parents and Guardians can access assessment results by logging in to the DJUSD Parent Portal (where you completed Online Re-Enrollment). Click the following links for instructions (English; Spanish) on how to find those results (please note: if your student has not yet taken an i-Ready assessment or is in the process of taking an assessment, results will not yet be visible). Families can also contact their school’s front office for copies of assessment results.

For more details regarding the i-Ready program, please visit the i-Ready website.