DJUSD Chrome Academy

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What is the DJUSD Chrome Academy... Overview for Newcomers

What is the Chrome Academy? 

Welcome to the DJUSD Chromebook Academy! Here you'll find lessons and resources designed to develop 21st Century Skills.

The DJUSD Chrome Academy will guide our students to:

  • Gain comfort and experience using our new Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education
  • Possess basic technology skills
  • Be aware of how to use the Internet in a safe manner
  • Have the ability to utilize online etiquette while collaborating and communicating online
  • Develop keyboarding skills necessary to be a 21st century learner

The DJUSD Chrome Academy will provide staff with:

  • Specific lessons addressing digital citizenship
  • Lessons and resources for use with the Chromebooks at their particular grade-span
  • Recommended and approved Chromebook Apps and Websites by grade level
  • Links to practice tests for SBAC
  • Links to top resources for Common Core lessons
  • Link to request Apps, Extensions and Add-ons be pushed out to all Chromebooks

Chromebook Basics... Accounts, Charging Carts, Tech Support

Chromebook Basics

Google Accounts:           

  • Activate: Just get on a district Windows computer (not a Chromebook) and by pressing CNTL-ALT-DEL change your password. Hint: You can change it to the same one. If you don't know your password, ask your Chromebook Manager to reset it for you back to your Date of Birth password. Staff, call technology and we can assist with a reset.
  • Staff Google Accounts use your regular district login credentials
  • Student Google Accounts are first initial, last initial, student
  • DJUSD is not using G-Mail or student email accounts


DJUSD Chromebook Care and Recommended Classroom Procedures:

Basic Chromebook Care:

  • Carry a Chromebook:
    • with two hands always
    • by the base when the screen is open
  • Do not place other items (such as textbooks) on top of the closed Chromebook
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (such as paper, pens, pencils, notebooks)
  • Do not lean on top of the Chromebook with body weight -- this includes elbows resting on the Chromebook near the keyboard
  • Do not have food or drink near your Chromebook
  • To clean the screen, usa a soft, dry antistatic, or microfiber cloth. Do not use window cleaner or any type of liquid on the Chromebook.
  • Students should use the Chromebooks in the classroom and return to the cart when finished
  • Since almost all of student work is stored online (Google Drive), students do not need to use the same Chromebook. Assigning Chromebooks is up to the teacher for his/her own management system.
  • Teachers do not need a Chromebook to access Google Apps for Education. Teachers have the same access using their laptop in the Chrome Browser.

During the school day:    

  • When a Chromebook is fully charged, it will last 8 hours of constant use. It would be rare for students to use a Chromebook for a constant 8 hours. Therefore, even if a Chromebook or a cart did not get a full charge overnight, Chromebooks should still have enough power to last another school day or two.
  • It is not necessary to charge the cart constantly. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to place the cart in a location that allows for easy access to devices and not be restricted to a wall outlet.
  • On the occasion that one Chromebook did not fully charge, simply give the student a different device to use.                

At the end of the day: ​

  • Make sure all Chromebooks are in the correct slot and plugged into each power cord.
  • Plug the cart into wall outlet to allow all Chromebooks to power up overnight.

Chromebook with a Problem?

When you have a problem with a Chromebook, it is very important that you do a work order immediately. 

  • Go to the blue link (work order), and log in.
  • Click on "+ NEW"  
  • Enter a description of the issue (as specifically as possible)    
  • Select DJUSD Service Desk and select Hardware under Process
  • Select Chromebook and answer the remaining questions
  • Please respond if you get an email asking for more information
  • Put a post-it with a description of the machine and the issue on the Chromebook and place it in the lower right of cart
Keyboard... Grade Level Goals, Practice Sites, Resources


DJUSD Keyboarding Expectations by Grade Level:

  • K–2nd: Students will demonstrate pre -keyboarding skills.
  • 3rd: Students will demonstrate correct keyboarding technique.
  • 4th: Students will demonstrate correct keyboarding technique while increasing speed and maintaining accuracy at a minimum of 20 words per minute.
  • 5th: Students will demonstrate correct keyboarding technique while increasing speed and maintaining accuracy at a minimum of 24 words per minute.
  • 6th: Students will demonstrate correct keyboarding technique while increasing speed and maintaining accuracy at a minimum of 27 words per minute.

Most Popular Keyboarding Practice Websites:

Link to Dance Mat Typing

Link to Typing Club

Digital Citizenship Survey

The district would like all 4th to 6th grade students to fill out this survey.

Please contact the Instructional Technology Department at 530-757-5300 x117 if you have any questions.