School Dress Code


DJUSD recognizes that the responsibility for the dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with students and their parent guardians.

The District’s goal is to promote student safety and to create a respectful community that is welcoming to all students.  The District Dress Code policy applies to all schools in the district. 

Allowable Dress and Grooming:

  • Students must wear clothing which includes a shirt with pants, skirt, dress, or the equivalent
  • Shirts and dresses must have fabric in the front and on the sides
  • Clothing must cover undergarments; however, waistbands and bra straps may show
  • Fabric covering all private parts must not be transparent
  • Footwear must be worn at all times, and must not limit student participation in school activities
  • Hats and other headwear must allow the face to be visible and not interfere with the line of sight to any student or staff (hoodies must allow the student’s face and ears to be visible to staff)
  • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education (PE), science labs, wood shop, and other activities where unique hazards exist
  • Specialized courses may require specialized attire, such as sports uniforms or safety gear

Non-Allowable Dress and Grooming:

  • Clothing may not depict, advertise, or advocate the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances
  • Clothing may not depict violence, obscenities, pornography, nudity, or sexual acts
  • Clothing may not use or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other protected groups
  • Clothing must not threaten the health or safety of any other student or staff member
Generally, students who do not follow the dress code will be referred to the school office to correct the issue, which may include changing into PE clothes, wearing a t-shirt provided by the school, or being sent home to change.  Every effort will be made by school staff to avoid embarrassing or shaming the student.  All corrective actions will be reported to the parent/guardian.  

Questions?  Please call the Student Support Services at (530) 757-5300 ext. 140