DJUSD Bond Program 


Thank You for Measure M  In November 2018, Davis voters passed Measure M, a $150 million school facilities bond measure to upgrade schools for safety and 21st century learning. More information can be found on the Measure M website.

DJUSD Bond Program- $226 Million

Measure M funds, along with additional facility dollars, constitute the current DJUSD Bond Program that together amounts to approximately $226 million. In February 2019, DJUSD saw the first successful bond sale that enabled our school District to begin work with the first $50 million of our Bond Program. On March 19, 2020, the Board of Education reprioritized Bond Program projects as Signature Projects to be completed prior to 2025.


Bond Sale and Board Reprioritization of Projects

In order to take advantage of competitive and favorable market conditions, all three Measure M Bond series have now been sold. On March 19, 2020 the Board of Education reprioritized the Bond Program projects as Signature Projects to be completed from Measure M funding prior to 2025. Signature Projects include:

  • Emerson/Da Vinci Junior High School Science Classrooms
  • Birch Lane, César Chávez, North Davis and Willett Elementary Multipurpose Rooms
  • Early Learning Center at the Korematsu Campus
  • DaVinci High School Tech Hub
  • Davis High School STEM Building
  • Davis High School Aquatic Center

As of April 28, 2020, DJUSD has three years to commit 85% of funds. All other Bond Program projects were prioritized beyond 2025.

Facility Master Plan
DJUSD has an extremely detailed Facilities Master Plan. This plan can be read in full at DJUSD FMP. The master plan includes detailed analysis of every campus and indicates all modernization needs across the district. Start by reading the FMP Process and then searching correlating chapters in our online file library for details pertaining to specific schools. Please note, projects in Group 1 scope of the Facility Master Plan is generally what was included in the DJUSD Bond Program.
Bond Newsletter
The DJUSD Bond Program's e-newsletter showcases activities and information surrounding the renovation and construction of all of our bond projects. Due to a majority of projects being in a state of completion, our e-newsletters are published as needed. You can find past e-newsletter publications on our website or subscribe to our newsletter!