Emergency Situations at School 

Information for Families 

Davis Joint Unified School District is committed to raising awareness about safety across the district. This guide [English]  [Spanish] is meant to share some of the roles and expectations for adults and student during urgent situations. If you have questions regarding our district emergency procedures, contact Student Support Services at (530) 757-5300 x140 or visit our Student Safety website

What are the types of actions a school might take in the event of an emergency?

Ordered when there is a threat on campus. Student should go to the nearest room. Teachers will lock doors and close blinds. Ex.: intruder, gunfire, explosion, etc.

Shelter in Place
Ordered when there is an issue off campus or a non-threat on campus. Teachers will lock doors and close blinds but business will continue on as usual in the classrooms. Ex.: police activity in the area, bomb threat, severe weather, disorderly conduct, etc.  This can also include during  situation on campus that requires privacy, such as a student medical situation or teacher down.

Ordered when there is a fire, gas leak, etc. After the fire alarm sounds, student will exit the building. 

Ordered when there is an earthquake or tornado approaching. Students should get under desk/table and away from anything that could fall over. If students are outside and can't get inside, they should get away from buildings in the event of an earthquake and try to get to a ditch/low level area in the case of a tornado. 

** Some situations may require a combination of actions above. School and district staff train yearly on emergency protocols and situation management. Students also take part in various drills throughout the school year. 

Parents: What do I need to know, do and not do?
  • Before an emergency: Make sure your emergency contact numbers are updated and on file in the school office. 
  • During an emergency: Do your best to remain calm. Your example will cue others to respond similarly. 
  • Communication: Your best source of information is official DJUSD communication. Parents will be notified by our School Messenger system. Additional information may be available here on our website and on DJUSD Facebook and Twitter.
  • Releasing students: Until you receive the message that your student will be released, please do not come to campus. This is for your and your student's safety. 
Students: What your role is during a crisis.
  • Students are instructed in and practice how to respond in a crisis situation at school. 
  • Students should stay calm and listen to instruction from teachers, administrators, or crisis responders. 
  • In the absence of adult direction, decide where it is safety to be and remain there. 
  • Do not perpetuate rumors. This includes calls, text, email, and/or social media.