Early Childhood Education Requisite Facilities

In 2010, Transitional Kindergarten (TK) was launched in California with a state bill called the “Kindergarten construction image Readiness Act” which included requiring districts to offer TK for students not eligible for kindergarten or with birthdays between September 2 - December 2. In 2021, Assembly Bill 130 formally initiated the implementation of universal TK over the next five years.

What does this mean for DJUSD? As anticipated, enrollment has grown with the increase in eligibility. The expansion of Transitional Kindergarten and proposed addition of Extended-Day Kindergarten will require the addition of several age-appropriate classrooms in DJUSD.

Please visit our Universal Transitional Kindergarten website to learn more about instruction and programming for our TK/K students.



Anticipated Facilities Capital Cost
  • It is anticipated that the total cost of providing an additional 18 classrooms is approximately $32,000,000.
  • This cost estimate is preliminary because the formal design process has not begun.
  • Factors that will impact the cost estimate include unique site conditions at each school, final building design and existing utility infrastructure and location
Phased Construction for ECE Initiative
  • Construction for the new ECE classrooms will likely occur in phases. Phase One will encompass school sites that currently have the space available to accommodate new buildings.
  • Phase One sites include Korematsu, Montgomery, Patwin and Pioneer elementary schools.
  • Phase Two will incorporate the sites that may require additional location prep prior to the start of construction.
  • Phase Two sites include Birch Lane, César Chávez, North Davis and Willett elementary schools.