The Individualized Education Program (IEP) Process

The best way to refer a student for assessment to determine eligibility for special education services is through the child's teacher and the school's Student Study Team Process (SST).

Based on the concerns expressed on the SST referral, an assessment plan will be designed and explained to the student's parent/guardian for approval.

Meeting to Review Assessment Results
The parent, principal (or designee), the child's teacher and those who performed assessments will meet to review findings and determine appropriate services. Keep in mind that the goal is to serve students in settings that offer the most typical school school experience as is appropriate.

Annual Reviews
At least every twelve months, the IEP team (principal, teacher, special education providers, and parent/guardian) meet to discuss the student's progress, and to set goals for the upcoming twelve-month periods.

Three-Year Reviews
Every third year, an extensive review is conducted and reported to the IEP team. Assessments may duplicate the thoroughness of the initial assessment.

For additional information contact the Special Education Department at (530) 757-5300 x113