Language Justice Working Group

The Language Justice Working Group began in the Spring of 2017 in order to assess and improve language inclusion in DJUSD by creating an environment where all families' languages are welcome.

The group is led by Climate Coordinator Kate Snow and Director of English Learner, Immersion, and World Language Programs, Ricardo Perez.  Members include DJUSD staff, interpreters, teachers, and parents.

Since its inception the group:

  1. Has developed a draft plan for improving language inclusion in DJUSD by increasing the resources, standards and capacity for language interpretation and building community around language inclusion.
  2. Has hosted a 2-day training for 20 District staff in Foundations for Interpreting in Educational Settings.
  3. Has hosted a 3-day training in August 2018 on Interpreting for Social Justice for 20 District staff, led by Roberto Tijerina.
  4. Is partnering with UC Davis researchers on an evaluation grant on interpretation and parent engagement in 2018-19.
  5. Is offering continuing education opportunities for interpreters in the 2018-19 school year.

Draft Organizing Arc for Language Justice in DJUSD: a visual image of the goals for comprehensive language inclusion.

Person seated in center of a circle explaining things to others in a professional development setting.