Automated School Notifications for Families

School-to Home communications are critical to educational success. Davis Joint Unified School District seeks to provide parents and guardians with important information, in a timely and efficient manner. Whether school notifications are sent via text, phone call, email or social media, they are powerful tools for promoting and sustaining a strong school community.

Recent updates to regulations covering the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) govern how school districts may use automatic notification systems to communicate with families.

By providing emergency contact data through the online re-enrollment process, parent/guardians are giving consent to receive automated school notifications to telephone land lines and mobile phone numbers. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in the Parent Portal for each student. This is the information that our communications system uses to email, call and text parents.  

Parents/guardians who wish to take part in 
Emergency text alerts must do so through an opt-in process using a mobile phone number, on file with their school office. 

Below are three categories of communications along with the modes of broadcast that DJUSD intends to use for each message type.

Emergency conditions involving potential health and safety communications will be sent by automatically generated email, voice recording and/or text message to your home landline telephone numbers and mobile numbers (if a mobile number is provided with your student’s emergency contact information.)

Text alerts will only be sent to parent/guardians, who have opted into the SchoolMessenger emergency text alert service .  In DJUSD, texting is not typically used for non-urgent messaging. An exception to this practice is currently underway at Montgomery Elementary;  at that campus, the administration is piloting the use of text messaging for general school information.
Student Absence Notification
Notification of a student’s absence that has not been cleared by calling the school’s absence line will be sent by recorded voice message to your home landline telephone and/or to your mobile phone, if authorized.
Official, Non-Urgent School Information
To keep our school community informed about important news and events, principals and district officials will choose to send important messaging by automatically generated email, voice recording to your home landline telephone number and mobile numbers (if a mobile number is provided with student’s emergency contact information.)