Accounting and Fiscal Support

Accounting and Fiscal Support assists with the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Associated Student Body (ASB), Instructional Minutes, Budget and Expense transfers, QSS password resets and questions, and common InformedK12 and Frontline questions that come up.  Please click on the sections drop down to view the information below each topic.  

Check out our newly released Fiscal Services Reorg Chart to know who you can contact for your specific Fiscal Services question.


Payment Process: To comply with proper internal controls and to demonstrate responsible spending of taxpayer's dollars, a signed authorization is necessary prior to purchase.  Our department exercises a 3-Way Matching process prior to issuing a check.

  • An approved purchase order or pre-authorization form must be signed by a supervisor prior to the expense being incurred. 
  • This is then matched with the invoice and shipping documentation to insure the expense is valid.
  • Once this process is completed a check is issued.

View the Accounts Payable Calendar for Payment Schedule.

Forms Used in Accounts Payable Process: click on form

  • Claims for District travel expense (mileage) must be filed on a Claim for District Travel Expense form
  • Miles may be calculated from the Standard Mileage Reimbursement Schedule or a Mapquest attachment showing the actual miles between the two travel points. 
  • Mileage should be calculated from the employee's worksite to the destination. 
  • IRS rates for mileage are used - Current rate is $.585/mile as of January 1, 2022. Please check with the Fiscal Services Office for current rate, it changes annually on Jan. 1st.
  • Prior to attending a Conference the employee should get approval from their supervisor to participate in a conference. 
  • They should complete the top portion of the Conference Attendance Request/Expense Form.
  • The supervisor signs the form showing approval to attend. 
  • Once the employee has returned from the conference they should complete the lower half of the form and include all receipts and back up showing actual expenses.  All receipts must be itemized. 
  • If a receipt is lost, an employee may include a Lost Receipt Affidavit
  • The supervisor then signs the bottom portion showing approval of expenses and it is submitted to Fiscal Services for reimbursement.


Student Body Financial Accountability: 
It is the policy of Davis Joint Unified School District that secondary pupils shall have the opportunity to participate in the budget planning and expenditure approval of student body funds within the guideline of the District's administrative procedures, in accordance with the California State Department of Education Codes and the California Department of Education Manual - Accounting Procedures for Student Organizations.

Student body funds shall finance activities according to such procedures as may be established by the student body organization.  All expenditures must be approved by the following three persons:

  1. Principal
  2. Certified Employee, who is the designated advisor of the particular student body organization, and
  3. a Student Representative of the particular student body organization

Loren Testa
Accounting Technician III
General Ledger Management
[email protected]
(530)757-5300 x130

Accounting Technician III
Benefits & General Ledger Management
(530)757-5300 x154

Nancy Clemente

Accounting Technician II 
Accounts Payable A-M
[email protected]
(530)757-5300 x186

Barbara Vodenik
Accounting Technician II 
Accounts Payable N-Z
[email protected]
(530)757-5300 x119

Tammy Ghaffari
Accounting Technician II 
Career & Technical Education Accounting
[email protected]
(530)757-5300 x129

Pawandeep Kaur
Accounting Technician II
Accounts Receivable /Inventory-Fixed Assets/Record Keeping
[email protected]
(530)757-5300 x120