Districtwide Projects

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Hydration Stations water drop

General Information: 

Installation of hydration stations (ADA compliant bottle fill with bubbler) at all school sites. 

Project Status:  Programming 

Electronic Access Systems key icon

General Information:

Installation of electronic door locks with card readers at all school sites. Decisions about which doors will receive the electronic locks are under review.

Project Status:  Pre-planning 

Strategic Fencing school building

General Information:
Installation of limited security fencing at all school sites. The primary goal of DJUSD strategic fencing project is to secure the core of each school campus from unauthorized visitors while maintaining the right balance between community access and site security for each unique campus and community.


A community input process, beginning with staff at each school campus, is an essential component of this process. DJUSD is cognizant that any change to facility infrastructure will impact students, staff and our community and, as a result, we will be gathering input through staff meetings, email and public meetings to carefully consider any plans before construction begins. Proposed fence lines will be demarcated on the ground for a time period before construction to allow staff, parents, and community members to better understand where new boundaries are being proposed. A general outline of this project timeline to take place over the next six months to a year is as follows:

  • DJUSD Facilities Department and architects meet with all school site principals to review campus needs and designs based on feedback from last spring
  • Meeting with principals and staff members at each school campus to vet proposed design after architects walk campuses with site leadership and Facilities Department
  • DJUSD will draw proposed fence lines on the ground for students, staff, parents and community to experience the proposed boundary lines/gates
  • A series of Open Community Sessions will be held to provide opportunities for public feedback on strategic fencing
  • Site fencing plans revised and finalized 
  • Construction of fencing rolled out throughout the District.


Project Status:  Pre-planning 

Public Outreach

DJUSD has created a rather extensive Public Outreach process and you can find details about ways you can learn about Bond Program projects and when and how to provide feedback at Bond Public Outreach.