DJUSD Tree Inventory

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The first step in the development of the DJUSD Urban Forest Guide was to prepare  a detailed inventory of every tree on each DJUSD campus. The data provided by the inventory will greatly assist in making short-term and long-term informed  decisions about our trees. Specifically, the inventory provides information on tree species, location, size, and health.

The tree inventory is maintained on an ongoing basis as trees are added, removed, or as other conditions change. 

The tree inventory identifies the District's Urban Forest is comprised of 2,402 trees and 1,467 different tree species. Approximately 61% percent of the District's tree inventory is made up of ten tree species. These tree species are shown in the table below. 

Tree Inventory Collection Process

The inventory was prepared by DJUSD and MPW Landscape Architects during the spring and summer of 2021. Specific data collected includes:

  1. Site
  2. Tree number
  3. Scientific name
  4. Common name
  5. Trunk diameter
  6. Estimated height
  7. Estimated crown diameter
  8. Estimated crown area
  9. Description of visible tree health
  10. Additional notes