2024-25 Classified School Employee Summer Assistance Program (CSESAP)


2024-25 Employee Election Form is due on Wednesday, March 1, 2024

Employees will receive a CSESAP Participation Election form through InformedK12 sent to their District emails the week of January 1, 2024. We will also continue to mail hard copies of the CSESAP Participation Election form to the home addresses of eligible employees. This form is date sensitive and must be submitted in InformedK12, or a hard copy can be emailed to [email protected] by MARCH 1, 2024.

Employee Election Form is the ONE AND ONLY step to complete the CSESAP enrollment process. If employees submit the election form by March 1, 2024, they are enrolled in the program for the 2024-25 school year! 

By May 1, 2024 the State will announce the match for 2024-2025 participants. 

By June 1, 2024 DJUSD will send an email to provide an estimated state match employees could expect to receive. After receiving the June notification, and no later than 30 days after the start of the school year, employees may (1) withdraw their election to participate in the program, or (2) reduce the amount to be withheld from their paycheck, not increase.

Employees are not required to respond to this form; if there is no change needed, employees are not required to take any further action. 

For more information on CSESAP, please visit CDE's CSESAP website here. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CSEA and DJUSD outlines the details of the program. This is the MOU for the 2022-2023 school year but we expect the updated MOU for 2024-2025 to remain the same.  We will post this once it is finalized.

Some Important Information About the Program:

  • The $1 for each $1 match is not guaranteed and will depend on the total number of employees participating statewide. If the program is oversubscribed the match will be less than $1. All match funds are subject to employee payroll taxes (Federal and State). The State will announce the match by May 1, 2024.
  • Participating employees must work 11 months or less per fiscal year in their regular assignment.
  • Participating employees will remain eligible for the CSESAP as long as the employee’s work during the summer session is not part of the classified employee’s regular assignment that is required to be for 11 months or less out of a 12-month period,
  • Participating employees must have worked for the DJUSD for one year at the time the employee elects to participate in the program (eligible employees have a March 1, 2022 start date or earlier), and
  • Employees are eligible if their regular annual pay from the LEA is  $62,400 or less.  (“Regular annual pay” is the pay the employee receives in their normal permanent position(s), commonly known as "end of month pay". Compensation for VSA, or ESSA is not a factor of the $62,400 limit. ) 

If you have any questions about your circumstance, please contact Fiscal Services’ payroll team at [email protected].

How to Calculate Deduction and State Match Examples

How to calculate your estimated monthly deduction

Your salary multiplied by (x) 10% divided by (÷) 11 or 10 equals (=) your monthly deduction

Your requested flat dollar amount (=) your monthly deduction

Estimated State Match Calculation:

Multiply 0.69 cents by 10% of your salary OR the dollar amount of your withholding for your estimated state match.


Employee A - 10% withholding

Annual salary: $35,857.00 x 10% = $3,585.70 ÷ 10 = $358.57 monthly deduction (10-month calendar year) 

$3,585.70 x 0.69 = $2,474.13 CSESAP match

Employee B - 5% withholding

Annual salary: $35,857.00 x 5% = $1,792.85 ÷ 11 = $162.99 monthly deduction (11-month calendar year) 

$1,792.85 x 0.69 = $1,237.07 CSESAP match

Employee C – Flat monthly amount of $250 for a 10-month employee

$250 x 10 = $2,500 annual contribution

$2,500 x 0.69 = $1,725 CSESAP match

Employee D – Flat monthly amount of $100 for an 11-month employee

$100 x 11 = $1,100 annual contribution

$1,100 x 0.69 = $759 CSESAP match