Personnel Activity Reports, PARs

DJUSD will utilize InformedK12 electronic forms for completing and collecting PARs forms with employees who have positions funded by Federal funds. 

PARs are a mandatory form for Federal and Fiscal audit purposes. Fiscal Services will generate the PARs forms based on how positions are funded in position control. Forms will then be sent to the supervisor for their input and signature, before making the way to the employee in step 3. 

Employees in positions that are multi-funded (funded with a combination of Federal funds, and non-Federal funds) are required to do MONTHLY reporting.

Employees in positions that are fully-funded with Federal dollars are only required to complete semi-annual PARs forms. 

Please watch the step-by-step instructions below on how to properly complete the PARs forms. We also give you some tips and tricks on how to save time when completing the longer monthly PAR form. 

Training Video for Employees 
Training Video for Supervisors

If you have any questions about PARs, please contact your immediate supervisor, or Director of Fiscal Services.