Staff Health and Safety Training

            Administration of Medication & Stock Epi-Pen            

For staff who may be administering medication to students:
After reviewing resources in all five tabs below, please complete THIS knowledge check and alert your school nurse. 

                 Health-Related Staff Training Documents                 

All staff should review the following 5 bulleted resources at the start of every school year:


All staff should watch the following two videos on how to use an AED and hands-only CPR. After watching both videos, please complete THIS knowledge check.

Phillips HeartStart OnSite: AED Demo Video

Project ADAM: Hands Only CPR Video

Cleaning with QT+

Staff who would like to use disinfectant while on campus must complete training on the proper use of disinfectants through Target Solutions. Please contact Danielle McCaslin at [email protected]

 in Personnel Services to have the training assigned to you. You may also review this helpful video:

Cleaning with QT+