Phase One Early Childhood Education- Requisite Facilities

On May 18, 2023, the DJUSD Board of Education approved the prioritization of Bond Projects throughout the District funding additional Transitional Kindergarten/ Kindergarten classrooms in order to implement extended day kindergarten using restricted facilities funds. The project included the construction of 18 new classrooms of approximately 1300 sq. ft. each, an attached student restroom, and an age-appropriate attached playground.

Original cost estimates for this project were approximately $32 million. As the actual designs for these classrooms were completed this spring and locations for phase one projects finalized, cost estimates were revised to $51 million. The District does not have funds to construct all 18 classrooms at this revised project cost.

At the March 7, 2024 Board of Education meeting, Trustees shared their interests regarding considerations for this project and there was consensus to: 1) not finance the remaining portion of this project and diminish our repair and maintenance funds, 2) move towards extended day kindergarten programming as soon as possible, 3) utilize existing classrooms for the expansion of extended day kindergarten where possible and 4) focus new construction on schools where enrollment projections are growing and/or steady.

Location Proposals & Classroom Elevations for ECE Facilities

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At the Board of Education meeting on March 21, 2024, Trustees recieved feedback from transitional kindergarten and kindergarten teachers and elementary principals. A recommendation has been made to move forward with construction at sites where enrollment projections are growing which include Korematsu, Montgomery, North Davis, Pioneer and Willett elementary schools. Existing classrooms will be utilized at sites where construction is not immediately possible which include Birch Lane, César Chávez and Patwin elementary schools. 

As of May 2024, all plans have been submitted to the Division of State Architect (DSA) for approval. DJUSD is hoping to break ground by summer 2024!

Placement Considerations
  1. Available Footprint
  2. Kinder Play Area-Expansion
  3. Proximity to Drop-off Areas
  4. Proximity to Existing Kinder Classrooms
  5. Existing Landscaping (Reduce Tree Removal)
  6. Relocated Portable Impact - Cost/Footprint
  7. Construction Efficiencies (Utility Infrastructure)
  8. Capital Cost Considerations
  9. Safety/Security
  10. Neighborhood Impact
  11. Interim Housing/Phasing Issues
Classroom Guidelines
Size: Classroom size not less than 1,350 square feet, (including restrooms, storage, teacher preparation room and wet and dry areas)

 Kindergarten classrooms - supervision of play yards and all areas of the classroom

Play Yard Design: Provides a variety of activities for development of large motor skills

Proximity to Drop Off: Close to parent drop-off and bus loading areas

Flexibility: Storage, casework and learning stations are functionally designed for use in free play and structured activities

Age Appropriate: Windows, marker boards, sinks, drinking fountains and furniture are appropriate heights for TK/K-age students

Restrooms: Are self-contained within the classroom