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Placement Considerations
  1. Available Footprint
  2. Kinder Play Area-Expansion
  3. Proximity to Drop-off Areas
  4. Proximity to Existing Kinder Classrooms
  5. Existing Landscaping (Reduce Tree Removal)
  6. Relocated Portable Impact - Cost/Footprint
  7. Construction Efficiencies (Utility Infrastructure)
  8. Capital Cost Considerations
  9. Safety/Security
  10. Neighborhood Impact
  11. Interim Housing/Phasing Issues
Classroom Guidelines
Size: Classroom size not less than 1,350 square feet, (including restrooms, storage, teacher preparation room and wet and dry areas)

 Kindergarten classrooms - supervision of play yards and all areas of the classroom

Play Yard Design: Provides a variety of activities for development of large motor skills

Proximity to Drop Off: Close to parent drop-off and bus loading areas

Flexibility: Storage, casework and learning stations are functionally designed for use in free play and structured activities

Age Appropriate: Windows, marker boards, sinks, drinking fountains and furniture are appropriate heights for TK/K-age students

Restrooms: Are self-contained within the classroom