Native American Education and Title VI Program


Native American Students and Families
Are you the parent of a student who is enrolled in a Native American tribe or has a parent or grandparent who is enrolled in a Federally- or State-recognized tribe? If so, you can support the District's ongoing development of the Native American Education and Title VI Program by submitting an ED 506 Eligibility Form. If your child has Native American heritage but is not enrolled in a recognized tribe, and you would like for them to participate in the Native American Education Program, fill out this Family Participation Form. For more information, contact Program Coordinator Monica Shiel or the Climate Office.

Curricular and Other Resources
The following resources are culturally legitimate sources of knowledge and information. Most can be used in instruction, though some may not be appropriate for all ages. All of them are useful for professional understanding and context. Please note the primary emphasis on Native voices as a standard. The Climate Office welcomes suggestions of additional resources.

Good News!
Groundbreaking Patwin Language Resource Published
The first Patwin grammar was published in June (2021), making the learning and understanding of the language of the peoples on whose land the City of Davis, UC Davis and DJUSD reside, much more accessible.

Curriculum Resources for the Classroom

About Teaching California’s Native History

Direct Voices of Native/Indigenous People